How to use GPS for vehicle tracking in 2020? – Learn with Onelap

Onelap Telematics

Onelap is a software developer of powerful fleet management and intelligence platform. Our platform currently used by more than 4000 users across 3 countries. It enables end-users and businesses across many different verticals and markets to track. Key benefits: - Feature-rich and cost-effective service - Flexible and highly scalable platform, available as cloud-based and server-based versions - Integrated support for more than 1500+ types of telematics devices, - 24x7 technical support - Open API for integration with existing back-office systems - SDK tools to develop custom functionality To buy Onelap GPS tracker on Amazon: Reach out to us: Toll Free no : 1800 103 0274 Whatsapp: +91 78272 17494 Email -

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