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Children safety measures through GPS tracker 0

How to use child tracker system for safety?

Children are the most precious and valuable to any parent. Even the thought of losing your child for just a short moment gives you that terrifying feeling of extreme panic. No parent can’t even imagine losing their child but it...

5 most vehicle theft prone states in india 0

The 5 most vehicle theft prone states in India :

Automobile theft is a major contributor to the ever-increasing crime rate in India. Metro cities take the majority of the brunt when it comes to vehicle theft but it is prevalent in most parts of the country. According to government...

How GPS works - Onelap Blogs 0

How GPS works and its applications?

What is GPS? The US Government developed and owns a radio navigation system. It provides positioning, navigation, and timing services to the public called the Global Positioning System (GPS full form). The US Department of Defense launched GPS firstly in...