Best Tractor Company in India for Farmers

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Here are the top 5 tractor manufacturers in India which will decide in which is the best tractor company in India:

1. Mahindra and Mahindra

Red colour Mahindra tractor


Mahindra & Mahindra tractor is India’s no. 1 tractor manufacturer Mahindra founder names were J. C. Mahindra, K. C. Mahindra and Malik Ghulam Muhammad. Mahindra & Mahindra was established as Muhammad & Mahindra then in 1948, it was changed as Mahindra & Mahindra. Founded in the year 1945, the greatest enterprise in the field of farming is $19 billion through the company’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES). Mahindra produces one of the best tractors and farm equipment. With a range of 15 to 75 HP tractors, Mahindra matches the interests and diversity of Indian farmers. Here are the top models of Mahindra which will help you to decide the best tractor company in India:

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  •  Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT

Yuvraj 215 NXT  is that the initial Mahindra mini tractor within the republic of the Asian nation. It’s India’s first 15 power unit tractor. Mahindra mini tractor 15 HP is fitted with a single-cylinder cool vertical engine that’s generated 863.5 ccs power that is fuel economical and performs well. It is priced at approx ₹ 2,60,000/-

  • Mahindra JIVO 245 DI

It brings excellent performance with a powerful metal body for everyday rugged use, a high elevate capability of 750 kilograms for lifting significant masses simply, 4 wheel drive for higher traction, and therefore the capability to tug type of implements. It is priced at approx 4,10,000/-

  • Mahindra JIVO 365 DI

Mahindra JIVO 365 DI is very powerful and robust. Its has fuel tank capacity is 35 litre with an HP range of 35 HP. It has 900 kg Lift Capacity at Hitch that means Mahindra Jivo 365 DI have an unmatched power. It is priced at 5,25,000/-

2. TAFE – Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd


Yellow coloured TAFE tractor

It is a giant automobile group not only in the Indian market but in the global market also. TAFE has a partnership with AGCO Tractors and Massey Ferguson & has been delivering quality Agricultural Machines over the years. They undertake business alliances in over 80 countries including European countries. Here are the top tractor models of TAFE:

  • Eicher Tractor

Eicher tractor brand is perhaps the most seasoned name in the business, Eicher offers 15+ models running from 18-60 HP classes. Its value begins at 2.90 lakh. The most costly Eicher Tractor is Eicher 557 estimated at 6.90 lakh in 55 HP. The most mainstream Eicher Tractor models are Eicher 333 Super DI, Eicher 242, Eicher 380 Super DI, in their particular portions.

  • Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson is one of the most reliable brands in the field of tractor manufacturers, from the house of TAFE which is renowned worldwide for the best in class tractors it produces. Fine tractors such as the 241 DI Mahashakti tractor speak for the quality along with the innovation Massey Ferguson produces. One of the best features of Massey Ferguson today is, it offers highly technologically advanced tractors with upgraded tractor specifications even at really low and affordable tractor prices. This fact makes it very famous in the Indian domain. Massey Ferguson is now an icon in Indian farming sector which is responsible for reshaping the agricultural landscape of not only India but the entire globe. It is priced between ₹ 4 lakh – 7 lakh.

  • TAFE 5900 DI 2WD (56-60 HP)

It has a four-stroke DI water-cooled engine which is very good for farmers. This tractor has a 2050 kg of lift capacity which is just unmatchable. It is priced between ₹ 10 lakh – 15 lakh.

3. Swaraj Tractors

Red coloured swaraj tractor with white coloured tyres

Swaraj Tractors went on to become a full-time tractor manufacturer in the mid-sixties With a range of 15 to 60 HP tractors, Swaraj has been one of the most successful brands in the field of tractors manufacturers. Even with best in class Tractor Specifications these machines have a fair tractor price and make it very reasonable for a farmer of Indian Subcontinent. Not only the manufacturer but Swaraj also organizes various activities to connect with its customers like Swaraj Satkar where farmers are felicitated by the senior management. The team organizes various customer engagement activities such as free service camps, Swast Tractor Swast Chalak, Doorstep service and Swaraj Aabhar. Swaraj in this way is a truly Indian brand. Here are the top models of this tractor:

  •  Swaraj 72 FE

Categorized under the range of 30-40 HP tractors, it has a powerful water-cooled, fuel-efficient 3-cylinder engine with 2734 cc capacity. It has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, 12V 88 Ah battery and the lifting capacity of 1000 kg. The fuel tank capacity of this tractor model is around 48 litres and is extremely suitable for a range of activities such as cultivation, rotation, haulage, harvesting etc. It is priced at approx ₹ 5.75 lakh.

  •  Swaraj 855 FE

Swaraj 855 FE falls under 50-60 HP category. It is fitted with a powerful 3307 cc engine which is fuel-efficient and water-cooled as well. It generates an rpm of 2000 and has 3 cylinders. This Swaraj tractor model is typically designed for hard soil and tough field operations. Other features of Swaraj 855 FE include reverse PTO, direction control valve, bigger front and rear tyre, dual-clutch, oil-immersed brakes and the adjustable front axle. It performs extremely well in various applications including but not limited to puddling, haulage, sowing, rotavator, potato planter, MB plough, threshing and harvesting. With a lifting capacity of 1500 Kg, it has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, smooth transmission system and 12V 99 Ah battery. It is priced at approx ₹ 7.25 lakh.

  • Swaraj 963 FE

Swaraj 963 FE indigenously designed by the in-house R&D team of Swaraj. It is one of the flagship products of the company. It is extremely compatible with potato planters, banana mulchers, dozers, balers, TMCH etc. Swaraj 963 FE performs a range of applications well – from land cultivation to post-harvesting operations. This tractor model is available in both – 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive operations. This model caters to the diverse requirements of the farmer very well. It is priced at approx ₹ 7.90 lakh.

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4. John Deere

Green John Deere tractor

John Deere India Private Limited is a subsidiary of Deere & Company, the USA in India. One of the most performing manufacturers, John Deere Tractors date back to 1998 when they rolled their manufacturing unit the famous L&T Group in India. To the date, this very manufacturing company has established itself in the Indian Domain. With extremely efficient tractors John Deere has been a part of breaking the rock bottom hit of the Tractor Industry. The tractor prices that suit the masses and the tractor specifications rolling along with this company one of the most liked manufacturers. With a wide range of Tractors, Farm Implements and Harvesters, the company has managed to make the farming standards high. On manufacturing tractors of HP ranging between 28 to 120 Plus, John Deere has satisfied the Indian Farming needs to a great extent. Here are the top models of this tractor:

  •  John Deere 5105 (40 HP)

Technically it is the most advanced model of this company. It has a fuel tank capacity of 60 litres with a lift capacity of 1600 kg. It is priced between ₹ 5 lakh – 6 lakh.

  •  John Deere 5050 D (50 HP)

It has a fuel tank capacity of 50 litres with a weight lifting capacity of 1600 kg that means it can prove to be a great asset in the long run. It is priced between ₹ 6.50 lakh – 8 lakh. 

5. Escorts Tractor

Red colour Escorts tractorEscorts tractor is one of the leading producers of tractors in the Indian tractor industry. It produces a variety of series like Powertrac tractor, Farmtrac tractors and Steeltrac tractors. In Escorts, the powertrac tractor new models like Powertrac Euro has good growth in sales. Here are the top models of Escorts tractor:

  •  Farmtrac XP-37 Champion (37 HP)

It is a very powerful tractor with 50 litres fuel tank capacity and 1500 kg of weight lifting capacity not only that they have 3 cylinders. The Farmtrac Champion XP 37 Tractor has Single or optional Dual Clutch, which provides smooth and easy functioning. It is priced between ₹ 5 lakh – 6 lakh.

  • Farmtrac 6055 Classic T20 (55 HP)

It is called T20 as this model has 20 Gears in total out of which 16 gears are forward and 4 gears are backward. It has 4 cylinders with a fuel tank capacity of 60 litres. Farmtrac 6055 Classic T20 is very robust as it has a weight lifting capacity of 1800 kg. It is priced between ₹ 7 lakh – 8 lakh.

  •  Powertrac ALT 3500 (HP)

It has 3 cylinders with a fuel tank capacity of 50 litres. Powertrac ALT 3500 has a weight lifting capacity of 1500 kg. This tractor has 10 gears. It is priced at approx ₹ 4.90 lakh.

Hence, based on the above list and factors can decide which is the best tractor company in India.

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